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Basic Enrollment Criteria


LIFE-NWPA members must be 55 years of age or older.

Service Area:
If you or a loved one live in our service area and require ongoing medical care or support services, LIFE-NWPA may be able to help. Our member-based program is designed to provide and/or coordinate medical care and assistance needed to keep you or a loved one at home for as long as possible.

Eligible Zip Codes of Residence:

Erie County: 16401*, 16403*, 16407*, 16410, 16411, 16412*, 16413, 16415, 16417, 16421, 16423, 16426, 16427, 16428, 16430, 16435*, 16438*, 16441*, 16442, 16443, 16444, 16475, 16501, 16502, 16503, 16504, 16505, 16506, 16507, 16508, 16509, 16510, 16511, 16512, 16514, 16515, 16522, 16530, 16531, 16534, 16541, 16544, 16546, 16550, 16553, 16563, 16565.

Crawford County: 16110*, 16111, 16125*, 16131, 16134*, 16314*, 16316, 16317*, 16327, 16328, 16335, 16354*, 16360, 16388, 16401*, 16403*, 16404, 16406, 16407*, 16412*, 16422, 16424, 16432, 16433, 16434*, 16435*, 16438*, 16440, 16441*.

Mercer County: 16057*, 16110*, 16113, 16114, 16121, 16124, 16125*, 16127*, 16130, 16133, 16134*, 16137, 16142*, 16143*, 16145, 16146, 16148, 16150, 16151, 16153*, 16154, 16156*, 16159*, 16161, 16311*, 16314*, 16342*, 16362*.

*These zip codes cross county lines. Participants residing in one of these residential zip codes must join the LIFE-NWPA center in their county of residence

Coming Soon: Warren County and Clarion County

Medical Eligibility:
An assessment by the Area Agency on Aging must be completed to determine if the potential member can be determined Nursing Facility Clinically Eligible (NFCE). An individual must be determined NFCE in order to be approved for LIFE-NWPA services.

Potential LIFE-NWPA members will come to the center to visit with members of the LIFE-NWPA Interdisciplinary Team (IDT), IDT members will also visit with potential members at home, to gather information and determine if the potential member can be, and is willing to be, safely cared for in a community setting by LIFE-NWPA and its network of providers.

Financial Eligibility:
LIFE-NWPA does provide care for low-income seniors. LIFE-NWPA members are eligible for LIFE-NWPA services at no cost if they are Medicaid eligible for the LIFE benefit.

LIFE-NWPA members who are not eligible for Medicaid would receive services by opting to pay privately.

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The LIFE – Northwestern Pennsylvania (LIFE-NWPA) model, which is nationally known as The Program of All-inclusive Care.


"I was reclusive for three years. I got really ill and was hospitalized… I came to the Village for rehab and joined the LIFE program … Since joining, I’ve been getting physical therapy, which I’m hoping will have me able to dance by summer. I’m making new friends among other members as well as employees. I love it here and I’m so glad I joined."
~ Ina C.
Enrolled March 2014
"When I came into the program, my feet and lower legs were in bad shape, but today they are looking great…"
~ Louis V.
Enrolled August 2010
"Let’s me meet new friends, take care of myself and have more confidence in myself."
~ Janice L.
Enrolled February 2014
"Fantastic activity department."
~ Marilyn H
Enrolled August 2012
"I’m blind in my left eye so I can’t drive anymore. So LIFE takes me to all my Dr. appointments (which is a God-send to me)."
~ Diana V.
Enrolled March 2014
"My life has changed completely. I have complete medical care as well as mental health. I found a purpose for my life."
~ Barbara W.
Enrolled November 2012
"It has given my husband a wider area of friends. Getting out of the house gives us an opportunity to do activities that we wouldn't do normally."
~ Susan V.
Enrolled September 2013